Please Help Me Fix Meeting Organizer Change Error In Outlook 2007

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    You may encounter the error code you need to change the meeting organizer in Outlook 2007. Now there are a few steps you can take to resolve this issue, we will do that shortly. Outlook does not provide a practical way to change the meeting scheduler. To change the organizer of a meeting associated with a recurring meeting, end the recurring meeting. To do this, set a single date before the end and send this special update to all participants. Once someone completes this step, the new coordinator must create a new permanent meeting.

    We have a shared calendar that has multiple responsible for recurring appointments that don’t belong to the company.

    How do I find these appointments/appointments and change the interview owner to someone else?


    By default, you can’t find information about the meeting organizer because you won’t open their meeting in a new window. Tiring every Open a meeting to get an information coordinator. In fact, without a doubt, you can change the calendar view for the list, use the meeting planner information in the meeting list and view / next to the column.

    change meeting organizer in outlook 2007

    Before setting display options, you must ensure that Microsoft Outlook is in calendar mode. You can access our custom calendar view by clicking the calendar in the navigation bar.

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    Step 1: Change the view of the list calendar


    1. Microsoft Outlook for the upcoming year / 2013, click View > Change Display List> to record all appointments and events.
    2. In Outlook 2007, select View > Current View > All Appointments.

    Step 2. In Outlook 2010/2013, click person> Show display settings; or in Outlook 2007, click > Current View > Customize Current View.

    change meeting organizer in outlook 2007

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  • Step 3. When you open the chat window in Outlook 2010, 2013, please click the Columns button on the left


    In fact, Outlook hasn’t been in the past “Columns” buttons, there was always a “Fields” button, just decide.

    Step 4: In the Show Columns cleanup dialog, set the following options:

    1. Select the Any meeting field from the drop-down list Select a copy available from:
    2. Select the element organizer and present it in the available field Columns:
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