PSUS4 Print Server Configuration Solution

If you are getting a psus4 print server configuration error code on your PC, you can check out these suggested fixes.

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  • Step 1: Download ASR Pro and install it on your computer
  • Step 2: Launch the program and click "Scan"
  • Step 3: Click "Repair" to fix any issues that are found
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    What Is A TDI File?

    The TDI filename suffix is ​​primarily used for Explore (TDI) and Image Maya (IFF) file formats. TDI files are provided by supported software package applications available for devices running Windows. The TDI file belongs to the Image Files category, as do 524 of all other filename extensions listed in our dataset. Users are advised to integrate the Adobe Photoshop software to process TDI files, although other programs may also process this type of information. Adobe Photoshop software was developed by Adobe Systems Incorporated and you can find much more information about TDI files or Adobe Photoshop software on this official website.

    Programs that register the TDI file extension

    The following is a blackjack table that lists programs that support TDI files. TDI files are most commonly encountered on all system platforms such as mobile devices, but it is not certain that all file types are properly supported.

    How To Open File With Extension m TDI?

    Get PC error-free in minutes

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  • Step 1: Download ASR Pro and install it on your computer
  • Step 2: Launch the program and click "Scan"
  • Step 3: Click "Repair" to fix any issues that are found

  • There are several reasons why customers might have difficulty opening TDI file types on given system. It makes sense that all common issues related to computer files with TDI extension can be resolved by the users themselves. Their processing is fast and does not require much computer knowledge. The following list will help you resolve the issue you are experiencing.

    Step 1: Install Adobe Photoshop software

    configure psus4 print server

    The most common reason for such problems is the lack of proper applications that supports TDI files installed on the system. This problem can be solved by downloading and installing other programs that may be compatible with Adobe Photoshop, such as XnView. At the top of the fan page is a list of all options grouped by supported operating systems. The safest way to download Adobe Photoshop is to download it by going to the developer’s online store (Adobe Systems Incorporated) and downloading the software from the links provided.

    Step 2: Update Adobe Photoshop to Usefulversions

    configure psus4 print server

    You still cannot access TDI files. Do you have Adobe Photoshop installed on your company system? Make sure the software systems are up to date. It can also happen that software developers add compatibility with other new file formats simply by updating their applications. The logical reason why Adobe Photoshop can’t handle computer files with May tdi is because the particular software is outdated. All common file formats that were handled reasonably well by the previous forms should also open in Adobe Photoshop.

    Another stage. Link Explore (TDI) and Maya Image Format (IFF) files to Adobe Photoshop

    If the issue has not been solved in the previous step, customers should associate TDI files with latest version of Adobe Photoshop they have on their device. The methods for associating file formats with bypass applications may vary in detail depending on the platform, but the basic steps are very similar.

  • Right clicking on TDI will bring up your menu from which you must Select the “Open With” option.
  • Click “Select a specific application” and select “More options”.
  • Finally, select “Search for another mobile app on this computer”, select the folder where Adobe Photoshop is running, select the “Always use this instance to open files” checkbox, and confirm your choice by clicking the “OK” button.
  • Select Info from the drop-down menu accessed by clicking on the TDI file format file.
  • Find solution Open with – click title if one title is hidden
  • Select the appropriate software and reset by clicking Change All.
  • If you followed the previous steps an important message should appear: This change will most likely be applied to all files with TDI extension. Then click the “Next” button to complete the process.
  • Exclusive step. Make sure the TDI file is mostly complete and free of errors

    Have you successfully completed the steps listed in factors 1-3, but the problem persists? You must make surethat all files have TDI content. It is likely that the manual input data is corrupted and therefore inaccessible.

    1. Check TDI for viruses or malware

    If TDI is indeed infected, malware may be preventing it from opening. Scan the tdi file as well as your computer for malware or viruses. If the TDI file is indeed infected follow the instructions below.

    2. Make sure the file is nearly error-free using the TDI


    If someone else sent the TDI file, ask that person to resend the file to you. The file may have first been copied by mistake and the data stolen, preventing access to a particular file. This could happen if the download process of the file with TDI extension was interrupted and the document data is corrupted. Upload the image again from the same source.

    3. How to make sure you have the correct permissions

    Elevated rights are required to open some files. Log out of your correct current account, thereby logging into an account with sufficientaccess rights. Then open the image file in Explore (TDI) and Maya (IFF format).

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