SOLVED: Suggestions To Fix Dell Error Code 0146

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    Sometimes your computer may show an error with Dell Error Code 0146. There can be multiple reasons for this error to occur. Dell error code 2000-0142 indicates that something is wrong with our console’s hard drive. Possible reasons for the error could be: Malfunctions, also known as misaligned cables in your computer, are related to connecting a hard drive to any motherboard.

    Error law 0146 indicates that the test is equipped with detected logs of previous errors on the disk that may indicate a possible disk failure. For a range of important results, I recommend that you allow them to run a “user test” on all hard drives in the laptop. The individual test is undoubtedly an advanced diagnostic test that is also capable of producing more reliable results. Follow these steps to start hands-on hard drive testing:

  • Turn off the laptop (make sure the AC adapter is plugged in)
  • Turn on the laptop and filter the

    keystroke several times.

  • Select the Diagnostics option.
  • dell error code 0146

    Here are some computer screen images showing the progress of PSA+ diagnostics:

    How do I fix a Dell hard drive failure?

    Perform a hard reset.Run a device diagnostic test.Turn off external devices.Update BIOS and drivers.Recover missing or malicious Windows system files.Restore your computer using Windows System Restore.Restore your computer to factory settings.

    Press when color bars appear (see image above)

    If you receive error message 2000:0146, ignore this message and run tests ahead of time

    dell error code 0146

    By default, someone’s system “hard drive” contains your hidden 32-bit partition One Dell Diagnostic. After completing the normal diagnostic process, you will be prompted to continue with this diagnostic package. After a while, if the invisible partition is not found on the hard drive, you will be prompted to insert this resource DVD. In this case, the following screen will appear:

    If necessary, use the resource CD and follow these steps:

  • Insert recovery CD
  • Shut down and restart from desktop.
  • When the Dell logo appears, immediately press
  • several times.

    How to recover data from Dell Computer with error code 0146?

    To get important files from Dell internet with error code 0146, you can easily use third party application software – MiniTool Partition Wizard Pro Ultimate. MiniTool Partition Wizard Pro Ultimate can be an all-in-one partition management and data recovery utility.

    Note. If you hesitate too long and the full working logo appears, keep waiting until the Microsoft Windows desktop appears; Then turn off your computer and try again.

  • When the boot device store appears, highlight the CD/DVD/CD-RW option and simply press
  • Boot from CD from any displayed menu and press
  • The message “Press any key and boot from CD” appears
  • Immediately press
  • Note. If you areIf it takes too long and the Dell Diagnostics screen does not appear, turn off the computer and simply repeat all the steps.
  • Press
  • When the Dell Diagnostics main menu appears, select the tests you want to run.
  • Choose your own test (see screenshot below)
  • Click the warning sign <+> next to “Hard Drive” (see image below).
  • Select “SATA Hard Drive”.
  • Place a break marker in the Non-Interactive Tests Only field.
  • Click Run Test.
  • For each issue found during a particular test, a message is displayed with the best error code and a description of the issue.
  • Write down the error code and problem description exactly as they appear.
  • Get PC error-free in minutes

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  • Step 1: Download ASR Pro and install it on your computer
  • Step 2: Launch the program and click "Scan"
  • Step 3: Click "Repair" to fix any issues that are found

  • If the tests pass and users want to use the same near-impossible drive, you can format the tedious drive and do a fresh OS install. Before proceeding, I would almost certainly recommend backing up your data (images, music, apps, videos, documents) if possible. Since Your step will lead to complete data compromise. Disconnect all peripheral devices (such as printers, scanners, all USB devices except keyboard and mouse) connected to the computer. For more information visit the following link:

    Summary. Error code 0146 mostly occurs on Dell laptops or PCs. This error can cause your Dell laptop to freeze and system applications to stop working for a long time. In this post, we discussed the reasons that can lead to such an error and how to fix specific errors.

    How do I fix a Dell boot error?

    Verify that the computer has completed initial power-on (POST).Turn off all devices and perform a hard reset.Perform computer diagnostics.Look for specific error messages.Reset BIOS settings to default.Troubleshoot in safe mode.Virus as a means of troubleshooting malware.Reset your Windows 10 operating system.

    Hard Produce Error Code 2000-0146 on Dell laptops/computers indicates serious logical problems leading to hard drive failure. This error can be caused by a crime in program files or by spyware and infections. Sometimes bad sectors on your drive also usually result in error 0146.

    As a result, functionality often fails, and system courses stop responding for about a year. It also causes the system to crash (si (yy screen of death) and causes several problems related to Windows. If the error is not resolved in time, it may result in data loss due to hard drive transportation and affect the overall performance of your laptop or computer.

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    Correction Methods

    • Error code 0146.
    • Message:
    • Error code 2000-0146

    • Message:
    • Self test report contains previous errors .

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