I Have A Problem With Bug Id 3621

Sometimes your system may generate an error message with an ID of 3621. This problem can have several causes.

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    Answer: SQL Server executes queries without delay. The request timeout error occurs on the client side. When the fetch times out, the consumer API sends an attention signal to SQL Server to stop executing the query.

    error id 3621

    I have a stored procedure which is a .net application and takes an XML parameter, then it will be the minified forms and the WHERE query section.

    So, in my query, I’m looking for records that match documentType, which can be contained in XML. The table contains many more records containing document type C than P.

    The query will work correctly for many weeks, no matter how long the XML contains P or C for documentType. It then avoids working with document type C.

    I can run both requests from SSMS without error profiling (which captures exactly the particular call that was made). The profiler shows that when executed between applications, a documentType C request runs a statement before the statement completes and before any pending query steps are built.

    I ran another session profiler to capture all the errors and warnings. All I see is error 3621 – Declaration complete.There are no other errors related to this spid, the only thing to fix are the warnings that change the database context.

    I checked the SQL and Extended Events logs and found nothing. I hope the query is not related to informational and factual content as it works well in SSMS. I’ve also checked the range values ​​for other fields in the WHERE clause fields and it’s almost uncommon or unfavorable there. I also know that if I recreate the procedure (that is, the same perfect code), the problem will indeed be solved.

    Does anyone know how to track down the error that is causing the 3261 crash? Profiling doesn’t really reflect this.


    We have ETL 9 to 5 which recently failed and essentially gave us a warning:

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  • MESSAGES: Publishing failed. The job was called on schedule XX (night). The last step in the execution path was (EXECUTE 1 [DBXXXXX].[dbo].[SPXXX ]).


    Start SSMS, expand SQL Server Agent – Correct Tasks, click workstation “XXX-XXXXX”, select “View History” from the context menu.

    “START: [Table001] 01000] [sqlstate (message 50000) String or binary data will be truncated. [SQLSTATE 22001] (Error 8152) The has statement ended. [SQLSTATE 01000] (Error 3621). “Step not completed. ,02:06:11,16,3621,,,0”

    This error is usually caused by the entered data (personal data type VARCHAR or CHAR) being longer than the length associated with the column on the target desktop. In our case, the statement caused a problem in SP[DBXXXXX].[dbo].[SPXXX]:

    from [SQL002].[DBYYYYY].[dbo].[Table001]
    where id column > @V1
    The length of column A in vacation destination table 2 is 0, 2 is only in the source table. The solution is to change the length of column A to 20 in the target. Then the work is successful.



    Message Xml:space=”preserve”>Command Text


    error id 3621

    This error occurs when Adaptive Server is unable to completepurchase one. Mistake3621 may be the last targets displayed by the app, andor even othersThe message was sent to Server Adaptive because an error actually occurred. inThe rest after the completion of transaction commands is usually .

  • Division by 0 (zero) when used

  • Enter a double short period of time when using a normal application

  • Other features not allowed in the app

  • Action

    Check the error before error 3621 occurs. DecideIssue causing error 3621.

    If this error occurs in consumer applications, ask yourselfTo the system administrator of the server to view the Adaptive Server specific error log.

    Versions Causing This Error

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    Id D Erreur 3621
    Codigo De Erro 3621
    Fehler Id 3621
    오류 Id 3621
    Id Errore 3621
    Fel Id 3621
    Identificacion De Error 3621
    Identifikator Oshibki 3621
    Identyfikator Bledu 3621
    Fout Id 3621