Help Fix How Norton Antivirus Error Disables Scanning Word Files

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    If you have seen how to disable Norton Antivirus from scanning Word files, the following blog post should help. Open antivirus for norton PC and select “Settings”.Choose an antivirus.Select the Analytics & Risk tab.Scroll down to this “Exclusions/Low Risks” section, select and configure the [+] next to the items you want to exclude scans from.

    A Some versions of Microsoft Word may display a message in the status bar that a virus scan is in progress. This message appears because your company’s antivirus software frequently scans a Word file for viruses and infects others before you can remove them. You can get rid of this message by disabling the Word Office plug-in or in your antivirus software and stop all automatic checks, or, in completely safe versions of In Word, by deleting the important extra file.

    Disable the Word-Microsoft enterprise macro or Office plug-in in your computer’s antivirus software. The steps depend on the buyers’ anti-virus software used by the company. in For example, AVG you needdownload most of the Caffeine installation file, run the wizard, click “Add/Remove Programs” and uncheck “Integrate with MS Office”.

    Disable automatic scanning of documents. By default Some anti-virus programs are set to scan all your documents for viruses before opening them. Disable this feature, open the control panel of your antivirus program, look for the option to require all pages to be scanned before opening. For example, in Norton, right-click the specific “Norton” icon in the taskbar and select “Settings”. Click the secondary Microsoft Office Auto-Scan icon to switch it to the Disabled perspective, then click OK to bookmark the changes.


    Word add-in library file. This option is only available for companies using Word before and 2003. Open File Explorer, I would say open the Programs directory, click on Microsoft Office, then click on Office12, you if using Word 2007, otherwise Office11 If you are using Word 2003. You click on the “STARTUP” folder and delete it most of the file with the WLL extension.

    I found that I found the best solution to this problem. All me

    I read what was offered here and took a chance it was useless. I ended up discussing this topic with

    how to disable scan of word files by norton antivirus

    The computer advisor is here and has also been in contact with Microsoft. I’m bound to believe

    Issue with Microsoft’s recently improved security system

    with a word. I had this problem just last month when I

    downloaded Word XP update files. It may not automatically show up as Norton

    how to disable scan of word files by norton antivirus

    What seemed accessible to me is that my Word lessons are now incompatible with mine

    mentioned this misbehavior in a link found by my computer scientist. What

    I found that EndNotes has two

    files in my Word startup folder.

    Add space for help files. When I moved a lot of them on my desk, from

    “Annoyance virus scan request” completed. However, EndNotes was no longer randomly linked to mine

    in the word. By moving only one of the files to the production folder Can I Word It

    restored but the link may not be returnedvirus problem

    Analyze. Issue: Directory (EN7Cwyw.WordXP) is now safe on your desktop

    I would advise almost anyone who has this problem to check their Word startup folder

    Double click the folder named Microsoft, double click the folder named

    Click Edit-Select All if almost all files are listed in autoload

    It has also been suggested that a single similar search is typically performed on Windows startup

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  • Step 1: Download ASR Pro and install it on your computer
  • Step 2: Launch the program and click "Scan"
  • Step 3: Click "Repair" to fix any issues that are found

  • folder, but I wasn’t ready for that. However, your problem is solved.

    However, this is not a good problem from Microsoft. Word does not contain a virus scan
    anything. Antivirus analysis as a result of antivirus software. In your case
    your PC only had Norton AV Health Supplements, so the problem file

    If you have other antivirus software installed, everyone should be able to guess, namely
    dll is trusted, such as the free AVF software from Grisof
    it is “C:Program FilesGrisoftAVG Freeavgoff2k.dll”.

    You determine which AV voice software you need.What kind and what were used
    they left behind.

    – words mvp Mayor

    My website www.gmayor.Site com
    Web Word mvp

    PJA wrote:
    In the meantime I was trying to get rid of the Word
    problem c Require virus scan on opening. Suggested
    graham remaining Removing the DLL program of choice from Norton AV.Premier
    It seemed like it worked, but it actually didn’t. I don’t want to be able
    find one of these programs Officeav or .dll dll. I had
    Symantec Enterprise Edition. There is no new dropdown menu in this version
    List of things From breaking plugins. So I was practically blocked in every way
    them completely, to get rid of this important problem. I contacted Microsoft again
    and so far they also seem to give me that unused information
    that i got the page. Again, all legal remedies seem to be welcome.

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