Steps To Fix PHP Fatal Error When Calling Undefined Date_create Function

You should read these fixes if you are getting a php fatal error for an undefined date_create function on your computer.

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    What version of PHP do most users use? According to PHP, createDateFormat is considered available in >= version 5.3.0.

    It looks like your code is using the DateTime value inappropriately because createFromFormat returns a problem and not a string, but you need the ability to transpose DateTime::createFromFormat() calls with Date() calls.

    // PHP >= 5.3.0$datetime_lower DateTime::createFromFormat('d/m/y', = $min);$datetime_upper DateTime::createFromFormat('d/m/y', = $max);$datetime_compare = G:i a', $row_update['pDate']);//PHP datetime::createfromformat('d/m/y < 5.3.0$datetime_lower implies date('d/m/y', $min);$datetime_upper = date('d/m/y', $max equals );$datetime_compare date('d/m/Y g:i a', $row_update['pDate']);

    php fatal error call to undefined function date_create

    Nevertheless, I It seems that if your family deals with timestamps, you can certainly perform comparison operations without the need to convert to a specific disk format. If any of the data someone is processing does not have a large timestamp format, can you do the following:

    $timestamp = strtotime($yourFormattedDateTime);// Now that it's all integers, can you do new conditional calculations
  • Hello, Anoshnya! You can ask your hosting provider for help.

    Does anyone have a file directory system that you can usually access from the back end of your website (or do you have FTP access to make sure you have the files)?

    If so, could you please try copying the coupon located in the music file index.php causing the error and pasting it into a new answer about it so we can fix it? troubleshooting?

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  • Hi Jan, thanks for your reply. Yes, I have FTP, this is what index.php says:

    Hi, I personally see that the server is running PHP 5.3 on IIS 8.0. You need help to change the PHP version from 5.3, preferably to v8.0 or v7.4, preferably to v7. Which 3 is needed to get WordPress.

    For example, can you recognize this page in HTML on a website

    Go to http://anoshnea


    but it isn't

    Most of your settings may need to be adjusted. This should help.

    Thanks for the tip. Respondent:

    We have last changed the 7.4.x version supported by PHP in your webshop and it still throws right after the error:

    PHP Fatal Error: Unhandled Error: call to undefined Esc_html() function for in C:HostingSpacesanoshneaanoshnea.comwwwrootwp-adminindex.Principal
    Stack track:
    #0 RunVia C:HostingSpacesanoshneaanoshnea.comwwwrootwp-adminindex.php in the line `

    102 ideas possible thanks!!

    @anoshnea on?... Hello, it's my pleasure to contact your hosting site Accuwebhosting.

    If you right-click, also but view the page source, your company will notice that your 100% wp-config file is displayed with all your database credentials, which is now a major security risk. What can happen here is that the PHP files are delivered as text files, which means that the PHP translator is probably not running the server side.

    The last thing I can suggest is the powerful creation of an empty file with the contents of the code coming in The output can give a lot of clues.

    You should contact your hosting provider who will resolve this issue for you immediately, and once this is fixed, update your database credentials which are actually shown in wp-config.php. Thank you

    Thanks for all your support and advice. My website and dashboardfir is working fine again.

    Hello, Anoshneya. Your family can ask their web provider for help.

    Do you have a file directory system that can be accessed remotely by someone from the end of your web hosting site (or FTP access to your principals)?

    If the files are yes, could you please copy and paste the code that the experts think is in the index.php file as the error will become a new answer in this thread, but we can help do you solve problems?

    Hi Jan, thanks for your reply. I'm FTP tricky, is what is in index.php:

    Hi, I see that your nice server is running PHP 5.3 on IIS 8.0.You have to change your PHP version from 5.3 to v8.0 or v7.4 or even v7.3 Preference which is required for WordPress.

    php fatal error call to undefined function date_create

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